Kierstin is a graduate of Utah Valley University, where she lived for 23 years before moving back to Georgia. Although she’s been working in the dental industry for about 8 years, she’s only been working in our office since 2021. It feels like she’s been part of the team for many years, as she takes care of patients’ oral hygiene and educates them on the best way to achieve a healthy smile. Even though our office is full of experts, she wants YOU to be an expert on your own oral health. She loves working with patients of all ages and being a part of their care journey. She’s admittedly a nerd about dentistry (and health in general), so she’s continually learning and keeping up with the latest advancements in dental technology and science. Kierstin loved exploring canyons and National Parks on the west coast with her five kids, and is now ready to explore Georgia’s hidden gems and the east coast as well. She was also able to explore Guatemala doing humanitarian dental work. Besides traveling, she loves paddleboarding, gardening, listening to podcasts or books, and spending time with her family.

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