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Providing Innovative Dentistry in Buckhead Since 1954

At our dental office in Buckhead, we pride ourselves on creating long-term, quality relationships that enable excellent and appropriate dental care. How we got to this point is unique to our dental practice, as we rely on forming a true partnership with you and your family. This means you play an active, important role in your oral health. You talk and we listen before ever making any dental care recommendations.

Dr. Andrews has been serving this community for nearly three decades, and it shows. He takes the time to sit with patients, actively listen to what you have to say, and build a bond based on a more personal understanding of your goals, both for your smile and your life. You won’t just see him make a brief appearance and move on to the next patient. Every person who becomes a patient is our priority. We’re dedicated to providing you with compassionate dentistry in Atlanta, where you’re given realistic and affordable options to make informed decisions, instead of being stuck in an overpriced, impersonal treatment plan you don’t want or necessarily need.

We share our thoughts about your smile care, but only after you’ve had ample opportunity to do the same. Let us work together to discover your comprehensive treatment options.

Honest, Approachable Dentistry in Atlanta

It certainly helps you feel more relaxed when your dentist and the supporting office team are friendly and welcoming during your dental visits. This is significant because we all know that sometimes going to the dentist is the last thing you want on your schedule for the day. We want everyone to stress less and smile more when visiting our dental office in Buckhead. The same goes for when you’re at home and the office is closed — our patients have the option of reaching Dr. Andrews on his cell phone for easily accessible dental assistance after hours.

Taking The Time to Make it Right

We say it a lot in the office, and we’ll share it with you — we open our door each day with a mindset of quality over quantity. We provide highly personalized dental care, where patients find that our easygoing attitude leads to a more communicative and relaxed dental experience for patients of all ages — from 3 to 103. Have you ever felt like you were left “in the dark” about what was going on inside your mouth? Dr. Andrews makes sure no questions go unanswered, offering easy-to-understand explanations for what he sees and does during your examinations or when he’s consulting with his dental assistant.

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