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Approachable. Comprehensive. Logical. These are all words we would use to describe our distinctive style of general dentistry in Buckhead. Believe it or not, but not all Atlanta dental hygiene is the same, and sometimes patients at other dental practices are lost in the shuffle due to insurance demands or being seen as just another person in the dental chair. At Dr. George Andrews, DDS, we practice dentistry rooted in quality over quantity — it’s how business has been done in our office for over six decades, and if something isn’t broken, we all know not to fix it.

A Partner — For Health. For Life.

We don’t take our job of providing general dentistry in Buckhead lightly; we make a deep, dedicated commitment to every family, every individual patient. You gain a partner, someone who’s going to be by your side throughout your oral health journey no matter what path you need or decide to take. It’s important that you love the dentist and team you trust to care for you and your family’s Atlanta dental hygiene. Aristotle once wrote, “Friendship is essentially a partnership.” With us, you get both.

Prevention is Your Smile’s Best Medicine

One of the biggest reasons why it’s so vital that you and your family see a dentist like Dr. Andrews regularly is because he can always tell when there’s a change in your oral health. If something is irregular or out of the ordinary, we can spot it early using highly-skilled general dentistry in Buckhead. When we spot the first signs of anything concerning before it has a chance to turn into something more serious, then it means you spend less time and money dealing with dental care. You can rely on us for thorough, comfortable examinations, high-quality Atlanta dental hygiene, and tooth-saving periodontal therapy.

Whatever you’re looking for in an Atlanta dentist or smile services you are interested in, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. We see patients from age 3 to 103 in an inviting, stress-free atmosphere that’s going to change the way you feel about general dentistry in Buckhead. It’s our goal to make sure you’re always smiling with confidence, knowing you’ve achieved optimal oral and overall health.

Comprehensive Exams

If there’s one service we provide at Dr. George Andrews, DDS that’s vital to assess your oral health, it has to be the comprehensive exam. To provide more personal, high-quality general dentistry in Buckhead, we take the time to get to know you even before we do anything inside your mouth. Sure, what’s happening with your oral health is of the utmost importance to everyone on our team. But we also know that what happens in your mouth affects the rest of your body.

When you schedule a comprehensive exam for yourself or someone in your family, you can expect us to:

  • Thoroughly examine your teeth and mouth using visual training and state-of-the-art technology, including intraoral cameras and digital x-rays.
  • Check both your soft tissue and periodontal (gum) health for any signs of disease or abnormalities before measuring your gums.
  • Assess the overall health of each tooth in detail, right down to the exact tint.
  • Ask you a few questions about your jaw joint health and any issues with pain or discomfort you’ve experienced.

Call us today to schedule your comprehensive exam. We can accommodate your schedule!


Forget everything you know about outdated, cold, and clinical general dentistry in Buckhead. At Dr. George Andrews, DDS, we work one on one with patients, providing a partnership based on a friendship between you and every knowledgeable member of our team. One of the ways we serve you best is by investing in some of Atlanta dental hygiene’s best technology used anywhere in the area today.

We rely on all-digital technology for a more comfortable, comprehensive, and low-radiation x-ray experience. When you come to our Atlanta dental office for an examination, you’ll probably need either:

  • Digital X-Rays – This type of imaging is minimally-invasive and requires smaller, more comfortable bite plates. You get immediate access to results, and we can share with you what we find and how you can address any issues. Digital x-rays are simple to understand and read and are easily accessible by computer, so we can easily monitor your mouth for progress and changes.
  • Panorex X-Rays – This is an additional type of imaging we offer to patients that allows both you and Dr. Andrews a clear, more precise overview of your entire mouth as a whole. With this imaging and information, we can better assess and evaluate your oral health needs.

Experience advanced dental care with us and see how stress-free dentistry can be.

Oral Cancer Screenings

You can’t talk about comprehensive general dentistry in Buckhead and not have a conversation about oral cancer screenings. It’s important because this type of cancer often goes undiagnosed because the early signs are hard to spot with the untrained eye. However, oral cancer affects millions of Americans every year, so it’s essential that you keep up with your Atlanta dental hygiene visits every six months. This allows Dr. Andrews and his team the chance to note and address any abnormalities early.

Early detection is key, and Dr. Andrews has advanced training using visual and manual oral cancer screening techniques. This puts you and your family in good hands and gives you an advantage in detecting oral cancer before it can cause irreparable damage to your oral and overall health. Do you have questions about your risk for oral cancer or someone in your family? Relax, and take the first step with us, your dental partner by your side. Schedule an appointment and learn more.


Atlanta dental hygiene is essential to every smile at every age. When it comes to keeping cavities and decay away from your teeth, having a professional cleaning every six months with us is the way to be sure you’re on the path to smile success.  Our hygiene team is both highly experienced and knowledgeable, but they’re also friendly and ready to listen to your concerns and needs. We find that patients of all ages benefit from comprehensive Atlanta dental hygiene with immediate and long-term rewards.

Why? Because cleanings piggyback off of your at-home oral health routine of regular brushing and flossing. They go a step further to remove any plaque or tartar that you might have missed. How do we do it? By using innovative technology such as Cavitron, Airflow® therapy, and traditional hand scalers, your smile gets a deep cleaning that feels as good as it looks.

Periodontal Therapy

When we refer to periodontal therapy as part of our general dentistry in Buckhead, we’re talking about taking care of your gums. Why are they so important? Because when your periodontal or gum health is in danger, new research shows that it’s possible the rest of your body could be at risk too. Gum disease has been linked to everything from tooth loss to heart disease and strokes.

You can see why it’s so important that we stop periodontal disease basically before it even starts, if possible. We want to prevent it from causing any further damage to your gum tissue, teeth, and jaw bone. We begin by assessing your mouth as a whole and determining what type of treatment is best for you. We’ll be sure to take all the time necessary to show and explain our findings and what solutions you can consider. To rid your gums of disease, we generally rely on a procedure called scaling and root planing to clear out infected pockets. We can then fill them with a special antibiotic called ARESTIN therapy.

Fluoride Treatments

One of the useful tools Dr. Andrews can use to help prevent tooth decay is fluoride. This naturally-occurring mineral can also be found in various foods and most public water supplies. The benefits of fluoride treatments as part of general dentistry in Buckhead and comprehensive Atlanta dental hygiene have been well known for decades. The same goes for many other health and professional organizations that have backed fluoride treatments for over fifty years.

There are a few reasons why we might recommend fluoride, including:

  • Sensitive tooth root surfaces that are exposed
  • Frequent intake of sugars and carbohydrates
  • Family history of dental decay or deterioration
  • Poor at-home oral hygiene habits
  • Deep pits or fissures on the surface of your teeth

As beneficial as fluoride treatments can be, it’s important to remember that combined with your routine Atlanta dental hygiene, it is not going to save your teeth entirely from detrimental decay. We recommend fluoride therapy for kids at every visit up to their mid-teen years and adults as needed.


Have you ever heard the term “bruxism”? It’s when you grind your teeth, and it’s a common condition, but it can have severe consequences for your oral and overall health if left untreated.  It’s estimated, according to the American Sleep Association, that bruxism affects about ten percent of our population — even children.

What happens to your teeth when you always grind them is that cracks, chips, and breakage form leaving you prone to deterioration and cavities. One of the trickiest things about bruxism is that you could be doing it while you’re sleeping and not even know it. Then you find yourself with ongoing tooth sensitivity, headaches, and jaw pain, but you can’t figure out why.

If you or someone in your family is a tooth grinder, then it’s time to talk to Dr. Andrews about the many benefits of a custom mouthguard or nightguard to protect your teeth from further damage and discomfort.


Does the thought of sitting through a dental procedure make you anxious or uneasy? Is there someone in your family or household who’s afraid or nervous when it comes to keeping up with general dentistry in Buckhead and their dental hygiene?

We want your time with us to be as stress-free as possible, so if there’s something like fear and anxiety that’s holding you back from getting the smile care you need, please talk to us. If you’re a good candidate for anesthesia, we can recommend something called oral sedation for you. Generally, you’re prescribed a sedative that you take before your appointment following Dr. Andrews’ directions. By the time you’re seated in the dental chair, you’ll feel comfortable and at ease. You’ll need to arrange for someone to bring you to and from your appointment after taking the medication. If you would like to learn more about sedation, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrews today.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Beyond providing general dentistry in Buckhead, at Dr. George Andrews, DDS, we also help patients with sleep apnea treatment. If you’re not familiar with sleep apnea, it’s time you learned more about it because there’s a chance you or someone in your family could be struggling with it and not even know.  Sleep apnea can be a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when you frequently pause your breathing while sleeping. The term sleep apnea comes from a Greek background, and it means “without breath.” When you go without breath while sleeping, it could last seconds to several minutes and can occur dozens of times every hour. When this happens, your brain sends a signal to your body to restart the breathing process. While all of this is happening, you could be snoring, tossing, and turning your nights away.

Working with your doctor or sleep specialist, Dr. Andrews may be able to provide relief without relying on a C-PAP machine. After listening to your concerns and assessing your needs, he can provide you with treatment solutions such as a snore guard or a TAP appliance customized and adjustable for a more comfortable fit while your rest.

Emergency Care

No one ever wants or needs a dental emergency in their lifetime, but it happens, and we want you to know our entire team is here to help. Emergency care at our Atlanta dental office is dedicated to providing patients relief and aid when dental discomfort occurs. But what exactly constitutes a dental emergency? Some of the most common, sudden dental issues that occur generally include:

  • Lingering or sudden tooth pain
  • Issues with past dental work
  • Broken dentures
  • Injuries or trauma to your mouth

It’s important to call us right away in the event of an emergency with your smile. The earlier we’re able to see you and help you, the greater your chances are of saving your damaged tooth or teeth. You don’t deserve to live every day with dental pain. Talk to us today so you can be pain-free tomorrow.

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