Dr. George Andrews, DDS in Atlanta, GA
Dr. George Andrews, DDS

Where Empathy Meets Dentistry in Buckhead

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Where Empathy Meets Dentistry in Buckhead

Your time. Your concerns. Your goals. At our Buckhead dental office, we value all of these (and more). It seems simple, but it’s a quality that can’t be compromised in today’s “need it now” environment, where patient feelings and needs can be overlooked or lost in the shuffle. The entire team at Dr. George Andrews, DDS, is dedicated to providing dentistry in Atlanta as we always have been — since our office first opened its doors in 1954.

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Erase the years of wear and tear on your smile and give it back the function and strength it used to have!
It’s our goal to make sure you’re always smiling with confidence, knowing you’ve achieved optimal oral and overall health.
Tired of your crooked smile? Discreetly get the smile of your dreams with Invisalign clear aligners!
Don't let jaw pain and discomfort continue to affect your life. Ask us about our TMJ care!
Whatever your dental dilemma may be, it’s time to consider Buckhead cosmetic dentistry to put a more confident smile on your face.

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From the Heart From the Start

Whenever you’re ready, we invite you to share your smile story with us. We want to hear about every concern or goal you might have, giving you all the time you need to help us understand where you’re coming from. It’s how we connect and partner with you as a guide to your smile success. Everyone at our Buckhead dental office will tell you that we truly appreciate you being a part of our dental family, and we treat you as compassionately as we would our own family.

Dr. Andrews takes pride in creating a dental partnership, getting to know you and your smile in detail. We want you to feel comfortable enough to tell us:

  • What would you like to improve about your teeth?
  • How long have you been unhappy with your oral health?
  • What’s making you decide now’s the time to make a change?
  • Are you having any pain or discomfort in your mouth?
  • Have previous dental treatments or experiences not met your expectations?

Sharing this information with us ensures you’re going to receive the results you’ve been looking for. This applies to patients of all ages and stages of life.

Dr. George Andrews, DDS in Atlanta, GA

A Friendship That Never Ends

The bottom line is: You have a dental dilemma or unwanted issue that you need to address, and you’re looking for someone who listens. Let Dr. Andrews and his team restore your confidence with caring, honest dentistry in Atlanta. You can relax knowing you’re going to be offered sensible solutions and options as a result of careful collaboration and education.

It’s our hope you’ll arrive at a place where your mouth is healthy, there’s a lower risk for developing future problems, and you can finally feel what it’s like when your confidence soars thanks to your gorgeous smile.

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