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One TMJ At A Time

Ask anyone struggling with jaw pain in Atlanta, and they will most likely tell you tales of discomfort and discouragement. You see, it’s easy to become disheartened when you’ve been all over the city, bouncing from doctor to specialist only to never feel real relief from your aches and pains. It’s time you step out of the dark and steer yourself into the light where you’re finally in the right place — Dr. George Andrews, DDS.

As part of the many comprehensive dental services you can choose from, Buckhead TMJ treatment is another solution that could work for you. You see, it could be your TMJ or temporomandibular joint (located on both sides of your head below each ear) causing your relentless cycle of pain and discomfort.

Do I Have TMJ Disorder?

This disorder that negatively affects your jaw joint and even your overall health is common but often goes undiagnosed. Seeing a dentist like Dr. Andrews, who has advanced training in areas within the head, neck, and mouth, is a step patients with jaw pain in Atlanta often overlook. He knows about the complexities of the movement in your TMJ and how crucial it is to your everyday life — more than most people even realize.

It’s often difficult to know if your pain is TMJ-related, so here are some of the common symptoms patients suffer from:

  • Persistent headaches
  • Numbing migraines
  • Pain within your facial muscles, neck, and shoulder
  • Clicking or popping in your jaw making it difficult to open or close
  • Ringing in your ears

One of the other problems associated with Buckhead TMJ treatment is bruxism or grinding of your teeth. This tends to occur when you’re asleep, the exact time your TMJ is trying to relax, making it difficult for it to regenerate and revitalize for tomorrow. This can lead to a bad bite and worsening conditions.

How We Can Help.

Treating jaw pain in Atlanta doesn’t come with specific instructions or a step-by-step guide. What works best will vary from patient to patient as we are all unique with our individual needs and concerns. Dr. Andrews takes whatever time is necessary to help you understand treating Buckhead TMJ with one-on-one, personalized patient education. He will make his assessments based on findings from our high-tech panoramic x-rays and comprehensive exam. There’s a chance he might recommend something called an occlusal guard to help balance your bite.

Dr. Andrews follows the philosophy of centric relation, where the idea is that there’s a specific position for a person’s jaw that can comfortably align your muscles, nerves, and joints. When everything is working in harmony, you’re going to notice a positive impact on your pain. Centric relation positioning can be found on any patient, regardless of what condition your smile is in when you come to the office. If more assistance is needed to get you out of pain, Dr. Andrews also works closely with a trusted physical therapist trained in working with jaw joints or Buckhead TMJ.

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