Jennifer is a graduate of Ferris State University, Big Bay de Noc College, and Northland College where she’s successfully completed her coursework to become both a registered dental hygienist and a certified dental assistant. Jennifer has been working in dentistry for nearly three decades. She’s been with our Buckhead dental office since May 2006, where she serves as one of our dental hygienists. Some of Jennifer’s responsibilities include collecting your medical and dental history, charting your dental conditions, and helping with emergency cases. Jennifer says one of the best things about her work is that patients ask questions, and she provides them with the knowledge and education they’re looking for. After becoming a registered dental hygienist, Jennifer pledged to continually improve her professional knowledge and skills to provide a greater degree of service to each patient in her care. Jennifer says she likes working with patients one on one and reminding them that one method of treatment doesn’t work for all patients. She loves to inspire her patients and make them the center of attention. When she’s not in the office, Jennifer is usually cycling, traveling, attending social events around the city, skiing, and spending time with family and friends.

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